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Meccano Boarding System

Boarding is based on primary and secondary steel beams which are used to build flat grates or spatial frames. So constructed boarding ensures very good stiffness and exceptional versatility in terms of possible shapes and sizes. The use of steel secondary beams (purlins) makes this boarding very durable, particularly when a series of repeated elements is made. Meccano system boarding is particularly recommended in concreting bridge spans, tunnels, high walls. A solid beam connection system permits assembly and disassembly of entire boarding as large size elements. It is a fast, safe system of the works, reducing any activities performed at high altitude to the minimum.

Benefits of Meccano boarding system:
Versatility (different shapes)
High carrying capacity (20.6 kNm for primary beams)
Fast assembly (crane-aided assembly of entire boarding boxes)
Fast disassembly (telescopic truck-aided disassembly of entire boarding boxes)
Durability (all steel elements)

Bridge structure boarding

The above photograph shows boarding disassembly using a telescopic hoist. Disassembled boarding boxes are later transported to another bridge site and used again.
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