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Duralok scaffolding system


Duralok is a very easy-to-assemble system of carrying supports (most often installed as nets) used in engineering structure construction. It is also used as facade scaffolding and to provide temporary supports for all types of construction works. It is a light and universal system.

Benefits of Duralok scaffolding system:

Diverse uses the heads are adapted to provide rest for any system steel and wooden beams.
Versatility different vertical and horizontal element lengths allow for building nets of different spacing and height (this allows proper support to be designed even on an uneven ground)
Capacity high carrying capacity of supports (6.4 tonnes per support) reduces the quantity of scaffolding and boarding
Speed high capacity reduces installation time
Stability unlike other systems, Duralok supports have guaranteed carrying capacity regardless of their height
Time savings four horizontal elements are connected together at the same time
Precision height adjustment on heads and feet allows for precise support regulation (max. 65 cm reach on each screw). Horizontal elements are connected automatically at an angle of 90° eliminating any unintended inaccuracies
Multiple use galvanized elements ensure high quality and exceptional durability
Light elements no crane is necessary for assembly.

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